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@abucci@anthony.buc.ci LOL nah 😅 This is just a professor, Sinclair that I actually find has dome some interesting research in the field of aging and all things that affect the aging process in biology. It’s actually pretty interesting shit. 🤣

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@prologic@twtxt.net I don’t know this guy in particular, but I’m deeply skeptical of this stuff because all these Silicon Valley assholes fund anti-aging research. I guess they think they deserve to live forever. But it’s all pseudo-science bullshit, the “science” version of the kind of software and startups they make.

Peter Thiel, of Facebook and PayPal fame, besides being a horrible Trump-supporting human being generally, literally wants to have injections of teenager’s blood under the bizarre belief that this will slow the aging process. That kind of “treatment” uses much the same rationale as this guy provides in the first few minutes of the video you posted.

A literal fucking vampire:

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