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This guy is just such an idiot lol.

  • There’s no such mass migration to “the south”. Tons of people are leaving Mississippi, Louisiana, Virginia, and New Mexico for instance. I don’t know enough about the states with net influxes like Texas and Florida but I suspect they have policies that make it attractive for people to move there
  • Not everybody is able to take account of long-term trends when they make housing decisions. There are financial reasons, family reasons, educational reasons, etc that impact such decisions
  • But of course, most laughably, cheap energy is fast becoming a thing of the past, and so the problem isn’t “solved” by cheap energy, it’s just kicked down the road. And ffs, cheap energy is literally causing the very heating that he pretends air conditioning will “solve”–like “solving” your drinking problem by staying drunk all the time

This oversimplification to drive some kind of political point is so embarrassing coming from someone who pretends to be a university professor. It sounds like a teenage doofus from a 1980s movie talking. He well knows all these things, but he decides to present these views anyway.

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