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📣 Outage Notification: On Tuesday 23rd May 2023 between 7.30am to 5pm, there will be an outage of undefined length with no known start time due to planned power meter upgrades on the premises by the energy company.

You know, it’s one of those things where they give you a ~12hr window 🤦‍♂️ I will post here again once the technician is on-site and power down. I will power back up as soon as the work is complete.

According to the information I’ve received, the outage should be no more than ~1-2hrs.

Apologies for any inconvenience 🤗

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📣 Update on Activity Pub: Just a quick update on the <-> Activity Pub (aka Mastodon and others):

  • Can follow other Activity Pub actors ✅
  • Can be followed by other Activity Pub actors ✅
  • Your posts can be seen by Activity Pub actors ✅
  • You can see posts from Activity Pub actors ✅

What does not yet work:

  • Translating replies (aka threading) ❌

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Hey all 👋 I’ve just update my pod at to a “dev” branch to test PR #1059, please let me know if you experience any issues or regressions, bugs, etc 🙏 If everything is good after a few hours I will merge this PR and keep working. This is the new “Filter and Lists” feature… Thanks! 🙇‍♂️

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📣 Release: yarn v0.15 - Phosphorus Phoenix

Hello Yarners! 🤗

It’s again been a long while since our Last Release yarnd v0.14 over ~6 months ago! 😳 Sorry about that! 🙏 I guess we got a bit busy with a few other things going on…

First of all a big thanks to everybody who has given all of their time and effort to help become a better platform every day.

A special thanks to our new contributors and who recently started contributing to the project! Thank you! 🙏

Without further ado, here are the highlights for the 0.15 release!

  • Twtxt Search Engine – The much improved Twtxt Search Engine
  • NEW Sync API 🥳 (see below)
  • Add Block Quote button to the Postbox.
  • Add official “Feed Types” (see below)

Its a bit of a small(ish) release with no that many “big” new features (sorry!) mostly just bug fixes and little improvements. So if you’re curious please see the full Change Log below.

Twtxt Search Engine

The much improved Twtxt Search Engine is out which improves the index greatly, performance and overall functionality and UX.

Help pages have been improved and overall searches are “just better”.

Check it out!

Sync API

For a long time we’ve talked about the possibility of “syncing” a local feed with your feed on a pod. This is now possible with a 3-way Sync API /api/v1/sync and a sub command of the yarnc command-line client. Usage is as simple as:

$ yarnc sync twtxt.txt

See yarnc sync --help and the [Sync API ( API endpoint documentation for more details.

Feed Types

In order to better improve the code and manageability of different feed types such as automated feeds (bots) and RSS / Atom feeds, we have defined a set of Feed Types namely:

  • rss – A Twtxt feed whose primary source comes from an RSS / Atom feed.
  • bot – A Twtxt feed which is fully automated by some script or automation.

These are the only feed types currently and we do not expect any more really. The way this works is ti simply add # type = rss|bot to your feed if the feed you are publishing is a non-human/non-user feed. Omitting the type Metadata is completely fine and optional. The default for all feeds is a User / Human feed.

This helps us categorize and filter out noise feeds, automated feeds from views like the “Discover” view on pods and serve as a way to “filter” for these types of feed in the Twtxt Search Engine.

As per usual, please provide feedback to or reply to this Yarn 🤗

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📣 FYI: This pod ( may restarts several times over the next few hours as I work on v0.15 milestone issues and push them out to my pod live. If you see 404 Not Found its just the Pod restarting, just check back in a minute.

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