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In-reply-to » Rebooting a LUKS Encrypted System Without Typing The Passphrase: Yeah, that’s more clear. 👌

Systems that are on all the time don’t benefit as much from at-rest encryption, anyway.

Right, especially not if it’s “cloud storage”. 😅 (We’re only doing it on our backup servers, which are “real” hardware.)

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I bought my current noise cancelling headphones (Bose QC 25) in 2015, that’s a whopping 8 years ago. So I checked for newer models, maybe they improved the ANC even more.

Well, big surprise, all current models (no matter the manufacturer) have built-in non-replaceable batteries. That is a big no-go. It means these devices will become useless garbage in a couple of years. 😡

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Speaking of Rust: I talked to a Rust enthusiast the other day. She said she’s pretty satisfied with Rust’s comprehensive standard library. I was just like: “Huh?!” In my experience, you need a third-party library for pretty much anything.

Sadly, that discussion was not very fruitful, because I didn’t have any examples at hand. 🫤 So, from now on, every time I encounter something that, IMHO, should be in the standard library, I’ll add it to a list. 😅 Let’s see how long that list will get – or, who knows, maybe it’ll stay a short list because I was wrong.

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In-reply-to » The EU's Proposed CRA Law May Have Unintended Consequences for the Python Ecosystem (as well as the entire free software movement).

Firstly, contributing software to an open source project cannot be a blanket “get out of jail free” card. That’s a sociopathic stance, on its face, and just cannot be accepted.

I don’t understand. Why is that sociopathic? (Language barrier here? I really don’t get what you mean.)

But thirdly, […] And the same should happen in software. […]

How do you really know if a project has been used in dangerous situations? (If this changes in the future, are programmers that contributed in the past – when this project was not yet used in dangerous situations – also liable?)

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Stuck at home these last few days, sick. Can’t do a lot except … watching pool. Lots of it. 🤣

Some of my highlights:

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In-reply-to » I'm worried that Yarn will become just another ActivityPub frontend. This integration threatens to split the community in two. Users of Twtxt clients without ActivityPub support won't want to follow Yarn users because they'll be engaged in conversations that are inaccessible to standard Twtxt clients. It will only force the split deeper if ActivityPub is an option to be toggled by users or pod operators. Yeah, I know. 😅 For now, I just sit back and watch. 😂

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First there was this (I love it, great technique, consistent and relaxed – you just gotta ignore that cheesy American TV stuff):

Then this lovely thing with the original band:

And eventually this:

Boom. 🤯

Really curious to see how this evolves. Let’s just hope this success at such a young age doesn’t ruin her. 🤞

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I’m not doing a lot of computer stuff lately, hence it’s a bit quiet over here.

Instead, I’m spending more time fiddling with music and audio stuff. Latest gadget, an additional microphone for my electric upright bass:

Photo (1.6 MB)

More expensive instruments often have such a microphone builtin, but not mine, since I went for the cheapest model available. 🤪

Normally, mine only has a piezo pickup, which sounds like this (headphones advised for all of these clips):

raw_pickup.flac (1.7 MB)

It’s pretty dull, especially when using the bow. So, with that additional mic and some reverb, I now get this:

mix.flac (3.6 MB)

Much better. I’m not 100% happy with the result, but it’s a big improvement nonetheless.

The mic alone sounds like this:

raw_mic.flac (2 MB)

… and of course, I’m still learning how to play this thing properly. 😅 Using the bow is pretty hard.

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I’ve been to the office almost every day for the last 5 weeks (debugging WiFi in our various buildings) and it really took a toll on me. I’m exhausted. It’s so much overhead to drive to the office, a ridiculous waste of resources and time. How did we ever consider this normal? 😨

Not one traffic jam, though. Looks like lots of people are still working from home as well. Put another way: Back in the day, it took even longer to get to the office due to bad traffic! Oof.

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In-reply-to » Finally back! My VPS's main drive got toasted. I got a freshly installed VPS now, got yarn set up and working now, now I have to fix the rest of the stuff. I've been using apache for many many years, but I had so many issues getting it set up today, so I switched to nginx, and that took me like 2 minutes.. So yeah - I'll use nginx from now on. Ah, you’re back. 👌 I was this close to removing your presumably dead feed from my list. 😅

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In-reply-to » I hate to be the one that instigates and continues to make true the saying "the few spoil it for the many", but off the back of this thread; I have to ask... This might be a bit of a stretch, but anyway:

You could compare the situation to Git and GitHub. Git itself is free software and all that, just like twtxt. GitHub is not.

There are many incentives to use GitHub over plain Git on your own server. Once critical mass is reached, you are basically required to have a GitHub account, just so you can work with people who host their stuff there. And boom, you have a “monopoly”. It’s not a “strict” monopoly, but for mere practical reasons it basically is. You’ll be having a very hard time if you wanted to fully avoid GitHub.

Note that this isn’t the same as “making Git proprietary” (or twtxt, for that matter). The point is (I’m quoting from a Google translation of his blogpost): “… then close the protocol to force users to stay on the proprietary platform.” It doesn’t matter if Git/twtxt itself is free if users are effectively forced to use a proprietary service. and twtxt are a looooooong way away from this. But I have to admit that I can somewhat understand what is thinking. To be honest, I had similar doubts in the beginning (didn’t we have a discussion about that? 😅). Those doubts are long gone, because I now believe that you’re a good guy – but they were there.

I think it’s normal, at least for purists/minimalists/nerds, to have these kinds of doubts. I don’t take that as hostility from

Regarding “should we fork”: It could be beneficial to to fork. Get rid of some historical baggage and end discussions like these once and for all. But I reaaaaaally hope that you don’t fork. 😅 For the reasons outlined in this old posting on, I will not run yarnd myself. twtxt’s simplicity of just hosting a text file is a killer feature for me.

To end on a more positive note: If it weren’t for the threading extensions of, I doubt that I’d still be an active user. Automatic threading is super important, for me at least. 🥳

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